OEM Software

OEM (as in OEM software) means "original equipment manufacturer", so OEM software is some kind of software that is sold to computer manufacturers in bulk quantities who then build hardware with its help. A common example of OEM software would be some supplemental accessories that come with your camera, printer or other equipment.

Sometimes, and to be honest, quite often, this software is simply a little bit outdated version of a program which is sold on its own as a separate product. In other cases, it's a special limited edition of some retail software. The purpose of OEM software is to let people customize their own product on the one hand, but on the other hand also to urge them to buy the fully-functional version and exploit all of its advantages.

However, OEM software may also come as a fully-functional version of some product sold at lower prices with new computer systems as a way to help the buyer economize.

In some cases as defined by license conditions, OEM software can only be purchased with some accompanying hardware, and is not available without it.