GNoTE - Global Network of Technology Evangelists

The technological advance has brought us a great number of opportunities. There are a lot of various computer software which make our job easier and our entertainment more interesting. The other thing is that sometimes not every person is able to get to know about various useful technologies. Web and internet system and tools, computer components, multimedia information systems, interconnection networks, data management, real-time systems, embedded systems, collaborative systems and distance learning. Well, these are just several things which are connected with software if to name just a few. Hardware such as dvi cables and HD monitors are also key to the development of software. And it is not so easy to keep with all updates for the people who are not professionals in this field. Though professionals also are interested in review on computers and software.

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Global Network of Technology Evangelists (GNoTE) was established in November 2006 in order to provide the community with all the necessary information concerning new technologies. As we know a technology evangelist is a person whose job is to promote technologies. It doesn't matter whether he works officially or not, on behalf of some company or on person basis. Someone may name it just ordinary advertisement, but it is not enough to pay for ad in order to promote such products. A technology evangelist takes active part in various blogs and chats. He writes about the use of this product in various articles. Promote it through user demonstrations, recorded demonstrations as well as the creation of sample projects. As I have already mentioned above, he may do this just in order to let people know about such cool software as well as to promote these products for his profits.

Global Network of Technology Evangelists (GNoTE) was created in order to improve the spreading of information about interesting things in the world of computers and software as well as to help to feel the difference between the really high quality and useful product and highly publicized one.

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